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“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” — Maya Angelou

MKMMA Week 17 – Don’t Let Perfection Hold You Back


I have learned that seeking perfection has kept me from accomplishing great things in my life. At times I felt I wasn’t good enough, talented enough, or fill in the blank enough to even try. Ultimately those doubts kept me from being brave enough to go after what I really wanted. I allowed the illusion of perfection to hold me back. Lay down your expectations of perfection and move forward in action. Even if you stumble, know there is beauty in your effort and you are moving in the right direction.


Action give me the momentum I need to conquer my fears. Perfection will render me motionless. I choose to march forward, imperfections and all. The flaws that appear, only make me unique and represent the effort I put in to achieving my goals. I will carry them as a badge of honor and know I am strong enough to keep going despite any obstacles.


If my children, if my friends, if strangers see me forge ahead in spite of any short comings, it is my hope that I am an inspiration to them. It is my hope that I represent commitment and persistence. Would it not be wonderful to be an inspiration to others, to be a cheerleader for those why are at least putting for an effort?


And so what if people laugh at you or scorn you for falling or for even trying? It really is their problem, not yours. They find fault because they don’t have the courage to step out of their safety zone. Instead, they try to make you feel small, thinking that will make them superior. That’s okay. Just get up. Keep going. Fight the good fight. Wish them well, in silence or aloud, and follow your hearts desire.


If we stumble, let it not put an end to our quest. Instead let it be the stimuli that instills even more determination to achieve our desired outcome.


My 90-year-old Mom is one of my greatest inspirations. When she was living in France, she suffered the loss of her husband in her early twenties. He was a mountain climber and he fell from a mountain. His rope broke. She was pregnant at the time with my oldest brother, Alain. She said she wanted to give up and join her husband on the other side, but she didn’t because she had a baby to take care of. She forged ahead bravely. Later in life she suffered the loss of another dear brother and my sister. She kept going. She never gave up.


The best word to describe her is resilient. Not only did she step back from the edge of darkness, she let her effervescent light pour out into the world so that others might shine. She has given me strength and encouraged me to do things I would otherwise not have done. The light that shines from within me carries the spark my mother ignited in me. I am forever grateful for her bravery and love.


I just talked to her on the phone and she shared one of her writings with me. “Let destiny, in all its sweet serendipities and dark disappointments, dial us from heaven above. Let us, with open hearts, and open ears, hear destinies ring and answer it having the courage to accept and face whatever message, whatever challenge it may bring.”


Thank you Mom. I love you forever. Be who you were meant to be. Love Noelle Suzanne fullsizeoutput_3133


Author: noellesuzannemasterkey

I love many things, but first and foremost my family. I have three beautiful sons, now young men, a devoted husband, and a wonderful family. I love nature, dance, singing, writing, playing guitar, and connecting with people. I feel very lucky and blessed. I believe in the light of the universe and the good of mankind. Life is good. I am thankful.

6 thoughts on “MKMMA Week 17 – Don’t Let Perfection Hold You Back

  1. “Just get up. Keep going.” Thank you, Noelle! Beautiful post and congrats on catching up!


  2. Your mom reminds me of my late aunt. She also went through similar loss experiences. Her motto was “We are only given what we can handle.” I admire them both… your mom and my aunt. They have so much strength and give us so much courage by their example.


  3. I love your Mom! What a fabulous blessing!


  4. Aloha, Noelle! Loren from Blog Roverville is here!

    Have you ever experienced anything comparable to MKMMA?, I know I haven’t! So many powerful concepts to tease the mind, move the body, and arouse the spirit.

    If you attended the week 17HJ webinar, as the post you have written tends to indicate, then you might recall hearing “Don’t play small, answer the call!”

    Doesn’t mean that much, until one knows the context. Then you realize it means everything, because it’s the call to take the hero’s journey – the journey to reclaim our authentic self – the part of us that knows why we are here. It’s not to find the meaning of life. It’s to give meaning to life by knowing exactly what we need to be doing to make the most of our unique, magnificent potential to serve others; and in so doing serve ourselves.

    Sorry, for pretending not to know that you already know this, Noelle. Some things just tend to bubble out, and I’m letting this bubble into every blog post comment I write this evening.

    According to Og, “YOU ARE NATURE’S GREATEST MIRACLE!” Handling “perfection paralysis” the way that you have, having such a loving relationship with your mom, as you do, having such a great family of your own, as you do, etc., etc., I have little doubt everyone will soon be noticing – if they haven’t already – just how great a miracle you are!


  5. Aloha, Jessica! Loren from Blog Roverville is back again!

    According to Scroll V, “WE ARE TO LIVE THIS DAY AS IF IT IS ARE LAST!” Combine that with “WHAT WOULD THE PERSON I INTEND TO BECOME DO NEXT?” gives pause to wonder why anyone would even bother to write a blog post. However, us rovers realize they are stepping stones to greatness. Therefore, as you near the finish line, we commend you for staying the course!

    …and while I came back hoping to read more, the record shows “more” is just around the corner!


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