Noelle Suzanne Master of Keys

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” — Maya Angelou


MKMMA Week 17 – Don’t Let Perfection Hold You Back

I have learned that seeking perfection has kept me from accomplishing great things in my life. At times I felt I wasn’t good enough, talented enough, or fill in the blank enough to even try. Ultimately those doubts kept me from being brave enough to go after what I really wanted. I allowed the illusion of perfection to hold me back. Lay down your expectations of perfection and move forward in action. Even if you stumble, know there is beauty in your effort and you are moving in the right direction.


Action give me the momentum I need to conquer my fears. Perfection will render me motionless. I choose to march forward, imperfections and all. The flaws that appear, only make me unique and represent the effort I put in to achieving my goals. I will carry them as a badge of honor and know I am strong enough to keep going despite any obstacles.


If my children, if my friends, if strangers see me forge ahead in spite of any short comings, it is my hope that I am an inspiration to them. It is my hope that I represent commitment and persistence. Would it not be wonderful to be an inspiration to others, to be a cheerleader for those why are at least putting for an effort?


And so what if people laugh at you or scorn you for falling or for even trying? It really is their problem, not yours. They find fault because they don’t have the courage to step out of their safety zone. Instead, they try to make you feel small, thinking that will make them superior. That’s okay. Just get up. Keep going. Fight the good fight. Wish them well, in silence or aloud, and follow your hearts desire.


If we stumble, let it not put an end to our quest. Instead let it be the stimuli that instills even more determination to achieve our desired outcome.


My 90-year-old Mom is one of my greatest inspirations. When she was living in France, she suffered the loss of her husband in her early twenties. He was a mountain climber and he fell from a mountain. His rope broke. She was pregnant at the time with my oldest brother, Alain. She said she wanted to give up and join her husband on the other side, but she didn’t because she had a baby to take care of. She forged ahead bravely. Later in life she suffered the loss of another dear brother and my sister. She kept going. She never gave up.


The best word to describe her is resilient. Not only did she step back from the edge of darkness, she let her effervescent light pour out into the world so that others might shine. She has given me strength and encouraged me to do things I would otherwise not have done. The light that shines from within me carries the spark my mother ignited in me. I am forever grateful for her bravery and love.


I just talked to her on the phone and she shared one of her writings with me. “Let destiny, in all its sweet serendipities and dark disappointments, dial us from heaven above. Let us, with open hearts, and open ears, hear destinies ring and answer it having the courage to accept and face whatever message, whatever challenge it may bring.”


Thank you Mom. I love you forever. Be who you were meant to be. Love Noelle Suzanne fullsizeoutput_3133



MKMMA Week 16 – Recommitment

In my endeavors to stick with the MKMMA (Master Key Master Mind Alliance), I am announcing that I am recommitting to the process. My hand is raised high in the air. Yes, I am guilty of not standing firm to my daily chores. I am guilty of saying ‘I will’ and then not following through. And yes, I have fallen behind on my blogs. You may ask, if that is the case, why am I recommitting myself. I’ll tell you why. It is because I believe in myself and the MKMMA. Everything about it speaks to my heart. Everything about it makes sense to me.


For some to swallow and digest this new way of thinking is difficult. For me the whole process is logical. The part that I find difficult is doing simple, daily tasks that will excel the progression towards my goals. I ask myself why I struggle with these tasks. Instead I should be putting my energy into doing them. I should not even use the word ‘struggle’ in my inner conversations with self. I now realize my inner conversations are paramount.


Do you have conversations with yourself? I do every single day. Surprisingly I have a lot to say to myself. And surprisingly a lot of it is negative. I know if I can turn those conversations around, I will progress. My husband, my friends, and my family tell me how talented I am, yet I don’t tell myself those things. So now I am going to tell you some of my assets so I can reinforce them within myself, and create a better inner dialog with Noelle Suzanne.


First, I love a lot of people. I see the goodness in people rather than their short comings. This leads to another one of my fabulous qualities. I am an optimist. Instead of it being a rainy, dreary day, I see the rivers rising up. The trees are drinking in life sustaining waters from the skies above. There is a universal cleansing with each drop of rain that falls from the heavens.


Next, I love to dance. I was born to dance. When I dance with my friends I am in one of my happiest states. I love to play the guitar and banjitar. I love to sing and write songs and play music with my companions. Not only that, but I love to sing, dance, and play music all at the same time. Haha. When I do these things my inner child comes alive. Music and dance are like water. They are essential to my existence and my joy.


I am a loyal friend. I have a giving heart. I am empathetic and I cry easily because I feel other people’s pains and struggles. I truly want to help people. When some one succeeds I literally cry tears of joy. Every little success my family and friends accomplish creates great happiness in my heart.


I am recommitting myself in writing to make this vow stronger.

I know if I am happier, I am more likely to shine my light on you and make you happier. When my family and friends are happy, I am happy. It is a circle you know. You have a circle. We all do. Let yours be a happy circle. Invite people in. Feed it positive energy, and it will come back to you. Create your own good karma. Your life is what you create it to be.


I am in the process of creating an imperfect masterpiece. That’s what I am, an imperfect masterpiece. I love that because it is all the little imperfections in people that I love the most. It is what makes them special and unique.


Be your beautiful self. Be who you were meant to be. Love Noelle Suzanne


MKMMA Week 15 – Feeling Thankful

I have been blessed by so many things in my life. Opportunities, friendships, and moments of grace have all touched my life when I was not in search of them. Perhaps that is why they have appeared. I was not on a quest or in dire need of them. They just appeared and in that moment I knew they were right. I felt their light. I realized they were something I wanted in my life.

This past year a truly magnificent Victorian house built in 1899, made itself available for my husband I to buy. We were not looking for a house. It just appeared. When I saw the opportunity I jumped on it. I didn’t know how we could afford it, how we could do it, or if we could buy it. I just knew once I saw it I wanted to live there. By the grace of the Universe I am here now, writing in my lovely office.

Today I just want to take a moment and be thankful for every single little thing in my life. The troubles I have known have led me to greater things. The people I have loved who now live in heaven left me with great sorrow. But now I know they listen to my prayers. I talk to them in my time of need. I know we will be together again one day. I am thankful the Master Key Experience has given me a totally different perspective on myself and how I am able to accomplish things.

As I navigate my way through this life I find that amazing people and friends find their way into my heart. I have a lot of love for a lot of people. I have hope that all of my family and friends find true happiness and purpose in their life.

I know if I keep my self busy doing what is right for me and others, windows of opportunities will keep presenting themselves. I wish you all the greatest love, and to know that in your moments of distress, everything will be okay. It is in these moments we often grow the most. Blessings to all.


MKMMA Week 14 – Peace Be the Journey

Cool Runnings is a movie I watched with my three boys when they were all under the age of ten. Now they are young men making their way in the world. I wonder if they remember. To revisit Cool Runnings again after all these years was a nostalgic delight. It is about a Jamaican bob sled team who trains in hopes of winning Olympic gold. They overcame countless obstacles in their pursuit. In the the movie I found a treasure relating to my Master Key Experience that I had not anticipated.

It was the name of the movie, which is same name the Jamaican team gave to their bob sled, Cool Runnings. The Jamaican definition of Cool Runnings is ‘Peace Be the Journey.’ I love that so much, not only because it is a salutation used by Mark J., but because it says so much in so few words.

We all have a journey. Most are riddled with complications, set backs, and obstacles. We make goals for ourselves and along the way, detours pop up and often change our direction. I am in the process of learning that obstacles are only obstacles if we allow them to be. We can choose for them to be a powerful tool, something to push us in the right direction, something to light a fire in our soul. Often times they force us to step outside of our comfort zone and face our fears. I look back now and realize what an absolute blessing some of the adversities in my life have been.

I have experienced hardships leaving me feeling totally lost and alone. A lot of us have. I dug down very deep to finally lift myself up, only to discover my life had become so much brighter because of the tribulations I had endured and conquered. They brought with them a window of opportunity I never would have opened had they not appeared.

I know set backs can lead to great things. The hard part is applying that knowledge at the moment of crisis and distress. That is what I am working on. I must learn to respond positively to a difficult situation the very moment it hits me. If I do, it will lead me out of the darkness with much faster momentum.

“I greet this day with love in my heart.” When I utter those words by Og Mandino, I already know my day will be better no matter what confronts me. When a challenge arises, I must be patient with myself and stay calm. I sit in silence, take a deep breath and take a moment to go inward to ask for direction. I let all the stress melt away and let peace fill my heart. I am patient. I listen. You can call it meditating or prayer, but this is where I begin. This is the lesson I carry with me now.

To the three young men in my life, my sons, I wish you the strength, courage, and fortitude to to conquer all that stands in the way of your dreams. Have the knowledge that set backs you encounter are but mere stepping stones. They are there to propel you into greatness. The direction you take is your choice. You can choose to be stricken and fall or you can choose to be a champion of your own life. Be who you were meant to be. I believe in you. I love you always and forever.


I sign off wishing everyone Cool Runnings. Peace be the journey. Light be your heart and love be your guide. Face your obstacles, conquer them, and become greater than you ever thought you could be.

Love Noelle Suzanne


MKMMA Week 13 – Paper Flowers


Tonight my heart was filled with the greatest joy. It was the culmination of one of my endeavors in the Master Keys Experience class. With the prompting of the Master Keys, I made it my mission to bring a bit of light into this world through the act of giving.

The fabulous children of the Young Twin Valley Players along with the adult Twin Valley Players, a local theater group, gave their most precious gift, that of their time, energy and love. During their rehearsals for the Christmas Show at the Colonnade theater, the children made lovely paper flowers to give to the 63 elderly residents at Polk Personal Care Center. Each flower had a white ribbon with a positive affirmation on it. ‘You are magnificent, Your smile makes me happy, The world is better because you are here, I love you to the moon and back, I wish you peace, You are amazing grace…’


When I first saw the appreciation of one of the residents, my eyes welled up with tears. The women and men smiled as each received a hand-made paper flower from the children. Then the children along with the adults sang a beautiful Christmas carol. As I felt their heart lift, mine felt just a little bit lighter.

The old women reminded me of my sweet Grandmother. I lived with her when I was in junior and senior high school, and years prior to that as well. I could so relate to these wonderful, old women in their comfy robes with slippers and their gray hair. Some of them were decked out in their Christmas attire. The old men were equally sweet.


When the children asked them to pick out a flower from a small bunch, one woman carefully inspected the flowers to be sure she received the very best, while another replied sweetly, “You pick one out for me.” It was so moving to see how every single person was gracious, and grateful.
One of the old women had a sweat shirt on. The words “I Believe in Angels” was written on it. I told her I believed in angels too and she flashed me a big smile. I do believe too. Tonight I was surrounded by angels of all ages. It was truly incredible.

Sharon, the fabulous activity coordinator, led us down the hallways and knocked on doors one at a time. She asked the residents if they would like a flower or a song. Most of them wanted both. The children let them choose a flower and sang a Christmas carol along with the adults. Their voices were magnificent. I am in awe of the talent in this little town.

So now I want to take a quiet moment and thank all the players for the wonderful Christmas present they gave me tonight. Thank you Young and adult Twin Valley Players. Thank you Sharon for your patience and time in getting this organized. Thank you Brandi for being a mover and a shaker and bringing everyone together and helping to make this happen. Thank you to the businesses, Millersburg Hardware Co. and The Furniture Center, who donated to the materials for the flowers.

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of Christmas time all these wonderful people stepped away from the madness to give of themselves to make Millersburg, Pennsylvania a town that I am so proud to be a part of.

My fondest thank you is for the residents at the Polk Personal Care Center. Your smiles, your kind hearts, your gracious interaction with the children was the most treasured gift I could have ever received. I am humbled and grateful for every single one of you. My love pours out to you. Thank you.



Tonight I was lifted higher by the light that illuminates the heart of each one of us. I wish you peace. Love Noelle Suzanne

(written 12.19.16)


MKMMA Week 12 – The Porch Picture

I remember the days of Christmas past. They were wonderful, filled with love, family football games, over indulging and lots of holiday cheer. Last minute Christmas shopping, and hustling and bustling to get everything done was a must. Every year we would get a family porch picture of everyone all together standing on my Mother’s front porch. My Mother, Father, brother’s, my sister, aunts, uncles, cousins, and family friends joined in. Every year it would be such fun to look at our porch picture and remember how wonderful that special moment was. There were probably around 20 family members and friends posing for the annual photo op. This year I was lucky enough to get a porch picture at my new house with my three wonderful sons. For that, I am thankful.


Now as time rushes by things have changed. Some of my family live in another country, and some have crossed over into eternity. So Christmas is an emotional time of year for me as it is for many. It will never be like it was in my youth. It’s hard knowing that those memories are just that, sweet memories. Now I must forge new beginnings with joy. It’s not always easy, but it’s up to me to find the best in every single day, not just Christmas day.


This year it is not possible for me to be with my three sons all together for Christmas day. We will all be in three different states. I decided the best thing to do was to celebrate a week early. On Tuesday night my boys ventured from Maryland to Pennsylvania so we could share a Christmas meal together. It was truly wonderful to see them. I love each of them with all my heart. I am so lucky and blessed in so many ways for every single thing I have.


As time marches on my husband and I must start new traditions. This year will be different than all the rest as I live in a new house, in a new state, Pennsylvania. But the main thing is we count our blessings for every day we are here on earth. I have so much to be grateful for. That is what I will focus on.


And for my loved ones who are no longer with me, I know that they are up there waiting in heaven. I know I will see them again and when I do there will be great rejoicing. There are things in this life that are not visible to the eye, but yet my heart knows without a doubt, they are real.


I wish you all a Christmas, a holiday, filled with gratitude, love, laughter, and new magical memories.img_6842


MKMMA Week 11 – Keep Moving

I have come to the awareness that one of the reasons I have not accomplished certain things in my life is that I sometimes feel inadequate and give up my pursuit.  Or, in the same vein, I expect perfection, which is not attainable. I suppose it is also attached to the comparison game along with the ego. I have learned in the past couple of years and through the Master Key Experience that comparison is not only detrimental, but it can totally stop you, or me, in our tracks.


In order to keep moving we have to do just that, keep moving. It’s that simple. I think where it gets complicated is when I stop and start to worry about things I create in my own mind. Now I will shift my focus to everything I am thankful for and everything I want to draw into my life.