Noelle Suzanne Master of Keys

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” — Maya Angelou

Press Release

In the course I am now taking, The Master Key Experience, we are asked to create a futuristic press release of our definite, major purpose in life. Please read this knowing it has not actually happened, but is something I am manifesting into my life.

January 6th, 2018

Local Woman Brings Together Young and Old Creating Mass Appeal through Music and the Art of Altruistic Giving

Noelle Suzanne, a singer/song writer/guitar player, is a native of Hummelstown, Pennsylvania. On Saturday she celebrates the success of her most recent hit single ‘When I Ask You’ by inviting some of the local community into her home for a delightful concert of her original masterpieces.

Noelle Suzanne moved to Millersburg, Pennsylvania, in April of 2016, where she bought a beautiful Victorian home built in 1899. Noelle Suzanne is not only a widely recognized singer/song writer, she is also a philanthropic individual, who gives of herself through organizing charity events to enlighten, encourage, and inspire the souls of those less fortunate.

She hopes to ignite a movement of giving and helping others through her own example. Noelle Suzanne’s most recent project was bringing together a group of children to make home made paper flowers with pedals that had little sayings of hope and love. These were offered by the children to the elderly at a local retirement community.  Many of the residents do not get out and are often confined to the residence where they live.

When asked why she has chosen a life of music and altruistic deeds, Noelle Suzanne replied, “It is by giving that the world becomes a better, kinder and more peaceful planet to live.” She has had a passion for song writing, singing, and dance since she was a teenager. Her songs celebrate life and reinforce the power of positive thinking, hope and enlightenment. Noelle Suzanne, and her husband, Walter Finch, created The Noelle Suzanne Band. Together they write, travel and perform.

In addition to her music and art endeavors, Noelle Suzanne has a successful home based business where she helps people eat healthy, exercise and create wealth, through network marketing.

The next concert for The Noelle Suzanne Band will be on Earth Day April 22nd, 2018 at MYO Park in Millersburg, Pennsylvania. Feel free to join in the festivities to honor Mother Earth.